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25 Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs

Day Camps

Camp Name Location Age Population Served Types of Support
Carroll Lincoln Grades 2-12 Learning disabilities Academic
Landmark Manchester Ages 8-22 Learning disabilities Academic
Gifford Weston Ages 8-20 Behavioral, Learning disabilities, social or emotional problems Academic, therapeutic
Camp Triumph Danvers Ages 5-15 Social and psychological needs

Social and psychological needs
the Hale Reservation Westwood Ages 5-15 Typical, willing to take special needs who come with an aide Academic, nontherapeutic
Adams Camp MA, CO All ages Therapy for multiple abilities Therapeutic

Overnight Camps

Camp Name Location Age Population Served Types of Support
Camp Sunshine Casco, Maine All ages A retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Families of children diagnosed with cancer, kidney disease, lupus, diabetes, solid organ transplants, and other life threatening illnesses. Family bereavement programs are also offered.24 hr onsite medical and psychosocial support Therapuetic
Wediko Monadnock, NH Ages 7-18 ADD, AD/HD, LD, DD, child with impulse control problems, negativity, academic under-achievement, low self-esteem , poor social skills, adoption, attachment disorders and mood disorders. Therapeutic
Summit Camp Wayne Country, PA
Winter Office:
Forest Hills NY
Ages 7-16+ ADD, LD, mild social or emotional problems Therapeutic
Wee-Kan-Tu MA, ME Ages 8-17 Children and teens with epilepsy 24-hour professional support
Camp Allen NH Children and adults of varying abilities 24 hour professional support
Camp Howe (Berkshires)
Goshen, MA
Ages 7-17 Designed to meet all abilities and “limitations”
Round Lake Camp Blue Mountain
Range, NJ
Ages 7-17 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (high functioning), learning disabilities, social skill challenges, and communication disorders Academic, therapeutic
Soar Balsam, NC Ages 8-25 ADD/ADHD and LD Therapeutic