Private Evaluators

A private evaluation is done by a professional not working for your child’s school

As a parent, you have complete control over the evaluation. You have the ability to choose what types of testing will be done and who will do the testing. The evaluation can be as comprehensive or as focused as you wish.

Private evaluations can be done as any time. The school doesn’t have to agree that it is necessary. The testing won’t automatically become part of the school’s record either, as there is no requirement to tell the school the results. The only drawback is that they can be very expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars.

Questions to ask a Private Evaluator:

          1. When is the first available appointment?

          2. What is the cost of an evaluation? Is there a sliding scale?

          3. What types of insurance is accepted?

          4. Who will do the actually testing?

When speaking with the evaluator before your initial appointment, have with you the following:

          -Your child’s school reports

          -Formulate a description of your child’s issues

          -Be prepared to tell the evaluator why you are seeking an evaluation.

          -Ask what testing the evaluation includes

          -Will they review the school evaluations and add to what you already know about your child?

          -Will they highlight gaps in your child learning and help you document your child’s educational progress or lack of progress?

          -Are they knowledgeable about the disabilities and language used in state and Federal laws?

          -How detailed will their recommendation be? Will their recommendations include number of times/days for therapies/remediation?

          -Will they recommend specific programs?

          -How long after the testing can you except your report (avg. 6-8 weeks)?

          -Will they attend your Team meeting at school & if so, is there an extra cost?

          -Do they have a referring relationship with school district? (is there a conflict of interest)?

          -Have they done work for your school district or regional collaborative?