This section provides links to educational and fun recreational activities for your child.

Some search tools are:

      American Camp Association

      SPED Child and Teen Disability Camps, Workshops, and Events

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

(If your child has a learning disability or needs additional instruction)

           1. Do they have 1:1 tutoring?

           2. Do they group by ability?

           3. Do they measure process? Do they do test at the beginning and at the end of the program?

           4. Do they provide the parents with written feedback at the end of the academic program to pass on to the teacher in September?


           1. What is the teacher: student ratio. Are there additional helpers?

           2. What is the level of experience of the camp counselors? Do they train their counselors and helpers? (How do they handle social and
behavioral issues?),

           3. Are students grouped by age (i.e. all 5th graders are together)? Is there flexibility?

           4. What information do they ask for on application forms (Most difficult time, what is the best way to handle your child, what does and
doesn’t work for my child, etc.)?

           5. Do they foster team building vs. competition?

           6. Can parents communicate with the counselors at beginning or end of day, if necessary?

           7. What kinds of activities are there throughout the day? Do they mix physical activities, arts and craft as well as mental challenges?

           8. Does the student get to make choices about which activities they participate in?


Year Round Activities